Project Cargo Handling

Navigating Complexity, Delivering Excellence

Our Project Cargo Handling solutions are designed to address the unique challenges posed by oversized, heavy, or unconventional shipments, ensuring they reach their destination securely and seamlessly.

Discover the convenience of dealing with a all-round solutions provider.

Our experience in handling project cargo has given us the edge to be an all-round provider for your project cargo needs.

Multi-modal transport solutions

To ensure the continuous movement of your cargo across oceans, terrains, and skies, we employ a harmonious blend to guarantee its seamless journey.

Secure lashing solutions

Your cargo is fastened and safeguarded in accordance with the designated navigation paths.

Documentation and paperwork

Our Custom House Brokerage services manage the complexities associated with customs requirements.

Protection of goods

Safeguarding the worth of your cargo against risks inherent in the logistics process.

Our Project Cargo Services Include:

In Gauge Cargo

The cargo's dimensions are either equal to or smaller than those of the flat rack or open top container, necessitating specialized equipment while not occupying extra slots on the vessel. Examples of In Gauge shipments include machinery or sizeable trees that can be lowered into an open top container.

Out Of Gauge Cargo

The cargo's length, width, or height surpasses that of the flat rack or open top container, yet it can still be consolidated within containers. Instances of Out of Gauge shipments encompass items like propellers, flanges, or trucks.

Break Bulk

Greatly surpasses the dimensions and/or weight of a standard container, leading it to be treated as non-unitized cargo, typically situated on a platform of flat racks equipped with numerous lashing points. Common Break Bulk shipments include items like yachts, masts, industrial machinery, or train carriages.

The Legend advantage.

Our Project Cargo Handling goes beyond logistics; it's a commitment to delivering excellence. With meticulous planning, innovative strategies, and a dedication to client satisfaction, we redefine the standard for complex cargo transportation.