Ship Agency Services

At Legend Shipping, we understand the intricacies of vessel operations, and our Ship Agency services are tailored to meet your every need, ensuring smooth sailing through even the most challenging waters.

Providing agency services tailored for every vessel.

With Legend Shipping's Ship Agency services, you're not just hiring an agency; you're securing a partner dedicated to the success of your maritime ventures. We're here to simplify the complexities of vessel operations and ensure your vessels navigate with utmost efficiency and compliance.

Our agency services include the following:

  • Domestic Shipping Licence (DSL) Application
  • Off-Port Limit Services
  • 24 Hours Communication
  • Pre-Arrival Coordination
  • Pre-Arrival Advice
  • Other Owner's Matter
  • Post Departure
  • Vessel Arrival
  • Husbandry
  • Lay-Up Services
Domestic Shipping Licence (DSL) Application

Assisting owner and charterer in securing the DSL prior vessel arriving at load port or discharge port.


Submit the following ship certificates and documents to the Ministry of Transport upon obtaining the same from owner:

  • Charter Party Agreement
  • Crew List
  • Ship Registry
  • Safety Construction Certificate
  • Safety Equipment Certificate
  • Load Line Certificate
  • International Tonnage Certificate
  • IOPP
  • IOPP Form B
  • To constantly monitor and keenly responsive in securing the DSL approval at the earliest possible time

Off-Port Limit Services
  • To arrange engineers and technicians for running repairs.
  • To make available and to arrange boats for the supply of ships equipment or spare parts.
  • To attend to crew matters such as medical assistance and repatriation at off-port.
24 Hours Communication

Operations team equipped with complete contact list of relevant personnel from respective parties, shippers, consignees and other related parties including after office contact numbers to maintain 24hrs communication on updates, progress and status.

Pre-Arrival Coordination
  • Ship owners / Charterers / Principals
  • Master of Vessel
  • Prepare the estimation PDA
  • Submit draft statements of facts
  • Liaise with all parties involved in the operations to advise and map out all the operational arrangements necessary for prompt dispatch.
Pre-Arrival Advice
  • Port operators / Authorities
  • Shippers / Consignees / Stevedores / Traders etc
  • Service providers / Suppliers
  • Relevant info to Masters including emergency contacts
Other Owner's Matter
  • Ship supplies
  • Bunkering
  • Ship chandelling
  • Husbanding
  • Crew change
  • Crew repatriation
Post Departure
  • Send port call documents the next day.
  • Submit necessary cargo documents to all parties concerned.
  • Send out final invoice together with supporting documents.
  • To attend to any cargo discrepancies and or requirements from owners, charterers, shippers or receivers.
Vessel Arrival
  • Inward and Outward Clearance
  • Proper arrangements for authorities should they require to board vessel.
  • Ensure correct and complete documentation during clearance process.
  • Ensure speedy commencement of cargo operations.
  • Coordinate safe berthing and cargo operation.
  • To attend to Master and Chief Officer for any information or documents and to attend to any request for husbanding matters.
  • Continuous reporting on updates, progress status and vessel movements to owners and other parties concern via emails, phone calls and text messages during operations on 24-hour basis.
  • Dedicated operations personnel available to Principal and Master on 24-hour basis on ship movements and cargo operations reporting.
  • To arrange for and to attend to principals’ requirements such as the provision of bunkers, lubricants, stores, fresh water, crews services including signing on and off, recruitment, repatriation, medical and hospitalization, crew launches and such other assistance as the Principals may require from time to time.
  • To arrange for pilot, stevedores, lighters, or other ancillary services such as tug services tallying, surveys and arrangements, duties and services incidental hereto.
  • To arrange and to attend to customs clearance and other movements pertaining to vessels movements entering port, during stay and until departure
  • To arrange and to attend to repair work when afloat.
  • To render assistance to principals own or designated supervisors.
  • To attend to additional services in connection with consular authorities, embassies, high commission or such authorities for foreign vessels.
  • To render assistance to the Master and crews.
  • To advise on the selection of contractors for goods and services provided to principals including the submission of competitive bids or quotations whenever required.
  • To liaise closely with Principals not only in compliance with the instructions laid down but also to ensure that proper advice is given of any development that might effect the principals activities or interest.
  • To submit as required proforma or estimated disbursements accounts.
  • To ensure bills are properly checked and authorized before payment is made.
  • To pay the contractors’ bills promptly once funds are received and to render without delay a properly supported disbursement account in the format requested by the principal.
  • To respond promptly to Principals’ requests for additional information or adjustment on charges.
  • To render services to Master and crews for lay up, medical assistance and etc.
  • Cash To Master arrangements with security personnel and Insurance Coverage to further secure cash on board with no issues.
  • To act in the principals best interest at all times.
Lay-Up Services
  • To provide owner with lay-up location
  • To secure location for lay-up
  • To arrange tug boats, fenders and etc
  • To arrange and to provide watchman/securities supervision, technician for running repairs if required.
  • To attend to crew change, crew repatriation, ship maintenance, ship spare parts supplies.
  • To handle inward and outward clearance.

Assisting you in swift crew change operations.

Ensuring that the crew arrival and departure is done in a safe manner is our priority. We assist in the crew change activities for our principals in a uniformed and procedural manner.

  • Arrangement of Crew
  • Embarking & Disembarking of Marshalls, Technicians & Passengers
  • Meet and Greet at Airport
  • LG and OK To Board Issuance

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